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Freestyle & Street

Start your training with us today and grow your knowledge of the ISTD Freestyle & Street Dance vocabulary. Get ideas on how to use both the basic and advanced elements to choreograph classwork that is creative, entertaining and achievable for classes of all levels. Never be at a loss for what to teach again!

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Freestyle & Street

Modern Ballroom

When danced well, Modern Ballroom has a look of effortless ease, but accomplishing this ‘look’ isn’t always so easy for our pupils! As part of your training, you will discover not only how to identify and correct faults, but also the best ways of introducing the various elements of movement to guarantee your pupils success.

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Modern Ballroom

Classical Sequence

Classical Sequence includes Waltzes, Two Steps and Mazurkas that are a based on the five positions of the feet, and also Saunters, Swings and Tangos that are danced with parallel feet positions.

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Classical Sequence

Latin American

The Latin American styles are about the most popular in dance schools everywhere! We’ll show you some great ways to get your beginners moving well with the Latin rhythms, and also show you how to create amalgamations that your more advanced pupils will love dancing and which will bring them back for more! 

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Latin American


The huge popularity of Salsa makes it a ‘must’ on your teaching programme. To begin with, it’s the perfect social style, and added to this, you can offer Salsa classes as a great way to get fit, plus being a lot more fun than the gym. Of course, teaching the style well is important, so talk to us and be sure that you will!

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What are the qualities needed to be a successful dance teacher?

They will be knowledgeable, skillful and great communicators. They will also have patience, humour and motivation. Above all, they will be reflective. With over 30 years of proven experience in dance education, we have the expertise to create dance instructors with the skills and qualities that enable them to be experts in their own right and as a result, build successful businesses.

Teaching studies

Great teachers don’t just happen!

What is it that they possess which makes them stand out? What do they have that encourages their pupils to classes every week? What is it that they do that makes them remembered?

Of course, they will have sound skills and knowledge of the dance style that they teach, but this is only the beginning. Great teachers also understand the craftsmanship of education. At Dance Expertise, our range of online courses is formulated to cover all aspects of dance teaching and learning.

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If you are a dancer thinking about a career in dance teaching, you will have important questions, and we have the answers you are looking for.  To begin with we will help you to decide your career profile, setting your goals, and the best strategy for achieving them. We will explain the range of professional qualifications that are open to you and guide you to find the best choice. If you are considering owning your own dance school, we can advise you on the important issues you will need to consider, from the insurances you will need in place, to the school programme.

Continued professional development (CPD) is the cornerstone of building a sound career. If you already have qualifications, you can also take the opportunity to upgrade your professional skills with us through our comprehensive range of online dance education tutorials, which includes:

  • Dance specific theory, for both practical teaching and ISTD qualifications
  • Course and class planning, including learning objectives & outcomes
  • Effective teaching through strategies, methods, assessment and feedback
  • Skills and qualities for the creative teacher
  • Anatomy and kinesiology for dance teachers
  • Child development from a dance teaching perspective
  • Understanding the effects of the ageing process in senior pupils


The ISTD is one of the world’s foremost Dance Examination Boards with over 7000 members throughout the world. Providing a choice of qualifications for Dancesport teachers, together with up-to-date syllabi, the ISTD extends its service to include a comprehensive range of amateur medal tests and grade examinations for teachers to use in their dance schools.

"DDI Health & Safety: I’m glad I took this unit! Understanding how muscles & joints work at every age, promoting a healthy lifestyle & creating a safe class environment will definitely improve my teaching."

Danae Liaropoulou, Maria Stavrou School of Dance, Galatsi, Athens


Are you wondering how to fit your own professional training and development into your schedule? We recognize that time is a critical factor and so by bringing information technology into dance teacher training we bring the resources to you, wherever you might be. The Internet provides the option of free video conferencing, promoting interaction in real time between our students and us: from an educational viewpoint, what can be more important than direct dialogue and collaboration? Of course there’s no substitute for an inspiring dance class. With our studio based dance training you can enjoy perfecting your dance skills knowing that the theoretical aspects are supported through our online tutorials and video service.

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