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We’re experts in each of the Dancesport styles and so perfectly placed to help you realise your own professional potential, both as a dancer and teacher. We give you access to ISTD teaching qualifications that are both accredited and internationally recognized. But we believe that superior teacher training provides more than a certificate. We educate our students to understand their craft and help them develop the skills, qualities and characteristics that will equip them for a successful and rewarding career in dance teaching.

Marion Lane

Marion has Fellowships in each of the ISTD Dancesport genres and regularly trains professionals for Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship qualifications. She has also worked as an ISTD approved tutor for the Diploma in Dance Instruction (DDI) and the Diploma in Dance Education (DDE), coaching students in teaching and learning skills, lifespan development, health promotion and safe dance practice

Marion was appointed as an examiner to the ISTD in 2001. Her work in this role deepened her knowledge of professional training, ensuring that her students feel confident both in their teaching abilities and in their preparation for professional examinations.


Teaching in my own dance schools in England, I came to realise the importance of understanding how pupils learn, and also the art of teaching. Since then, I have had some amazing work experiences that range from Mumbai, the home of Bollywood in India, to Greek Folk Dance in the ancient amphitheatres of Athens. On my travels I have seen at first hand that while the world of dance is diverse both in terms of style and culture, students and teachers alike are committed and excited to learn more about dance in all its forms.

Most of all, I’ve grown to be fascinated through my teaching about the ‘Why’ of movement and how the understanding of this forms the vital connection between theory and performance.

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