Marion Lane combines her expert knowledge with modern education-technology to provide a blended learning solution for Dancesport professionals. The comprehensive range of dance teaching courses offers flexibility of learning with online support, thereby providing the best opportunity to students and dance teachers everywhere to transform their careers.


Student Teacher certificate

Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship qualifications


"Marion Lane is an exceptional teacher who inspires her students to achieve their best. She is innovative with her teaching methods, always adapting to get the best for you. Her online lessons helped me immensely in doing exceptionally well in my theory exams. A 'Guru' in the true sense!"

Bobby Banerjee, London, England


The genres we teach are Freestyle & Street Dance, Latin American, Modern Ballroom and Classical Sequence.

  • Our Teaching Studies course includes course and class planning, teaching strategies, learning styles, assessment and feedback. Added to this, other related studies include anatomy & kinesiology, physical development & exercise for dancers.
  • Our aim is to provide dance teacher training that places our professionals at the forefront of the dance teaching profession, as teachers who are skilled performers, knowledgeable and reflective, and who are able to pass on a quality learning experience to their students.


  • Consultations offering advice on career goal setting and continued professional development
  • In-studio dance courses focusing on the dance performance techniques within each of the Dancesport styles
  • Online dance tutorials delivering transfer of foundational knowledge and key teaching skills. The tutorials also link to professional training, practical teaching, and dance teacher qualifications.
  • Students can also opt to share the benefit of our video service, which provides audiovisual clips of both the individual figures in each style and amalgamations for class teaching.