Great teachers don’t just happen!

What is it that they possess which makes them stand out? What do they have that encourages their pupils to classes every week? What is it that they do that makes them remembered?

Of course, they will have sound skills and knowledge of the dance style that they teach, but this is only the beginning. Great teachers also understand the craftsmanship of education. They develop the skills to teach effectively and furthermore, the personal qualities that help them to engage, motivate and inspire their pupils. Above all they will be reflective, giving thought and evaluation not only to their pupils progress, but also to their own performance as teachers.           


Marion Lane has brought the expertise that she has gathered throughout her teaching career and created a comprehensive range of tutorials that cover the areas of knowledge and that are essential to dance teachers. The range of tutorials covers:

Dance specific theory: for both practical teaching and ISTD qualifications

Teaching skills: including class planning, teaching methods, assessment and feedback

Anatomy and Kinesiology for dance teachers

Lifespan development: Adapting our teaching to the physical and cognitive changes in our pupils

Health and Safety:  The necessary knowledge for teachers and dance school owners

Please contact us for the full range of topics included in each of the tutorials.

Online training

Is there some aspect of dance theory that isn’t falling in to place as you prepare for your qualification? Or perhaps you are wondering how to get better results when one or two pupils cannot keep up with other pupils in the class. You may need to know more about preparing classwork towards particular ISTD examinations, or you could be concerned about the legal policies needed for your school.

What is the benefit of online training? Put simply, it gives you access to the knowledge you need while at the same time removing the distance barrier to your professional training. Contact us today.

Marion Lane. For me one of the best tutors I have learned from, an awesome friend, an inspiring person and a hardworking & dedicated teacher.

Rocky Poonawala, Pune, India

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