What do you mean by Freestyle?

One of the questions we are most often asked is, “What do you mean by Freestyle?”

In 1977 the release of the movie Saturday Night Fever turned the popular music style of disco into the phenomenon of disco dancing. By 1980 however, musical trends were already changing and since that time both the music charts and movie releases of each decade have added their influences to what became Disco Freestyle (DF) Dance. Today, Freestyle includes both high energy and lyrical styles as well as Commercial Street Dance, Hip Hop and Rock ‘n’ Roll. The Freestyle dance vocabulary includes a wide range of steps and movements and is also characterized by Runs, Kicks, Jumps, and Turns and Spins. Teachers have the opportunity to create contrasting routines to current music and film scores, and have the unique opportunity of training their pupils in sound techniques whilst encouraging individual freedom of expression. 


Vocational students and teachers who progress through the levels of professional qualifications gain an increasing knowledge in the Freestyle dance vocabulary, as well as ways in which to use the most basic to more advanced elements in order to create amalgamations and routines for a range of classes. The various time signatures are also explored, together with different rhythmic interpretations, leading to a diverse use of the vocabulary. Areas of anatomy and kinesiology are included, together with the study of possible faults that might be seen in pupils’ performances, their causes, and methods of feedback and correction.

Online Tutorials

The interactive online tutorials delivered by Dance Expertise provide our students with a clear understanding of the dance vocabulary, together with the knowledge of how it can be interpreted and developed for the range of medal tests and for the various styles and rhythms. The different areas of anatomy are also explained in a practical way that links them directly to the dance kinetics, enabling the students to understand what actually happens within the dancer’s body to produce different steps & movements.


Virtual Learning Programme

Our online tutorials cover every area of the ISTD Freestyle qualifications, with no geographical limits to training. The requirements of each examination are fully explained, and each tutorial covers a specific area, engaging the student in everything that they are required to know. Candidates entering for Freestyle examinations perform solo and our students submit videos of their performances to us for feedback, ensuring that both the practical and theoretical elements of the qualification are fully met.

Studio Tuition

By enrolling on a course of one-to-one lessons with us, especially when supported by our virtual learning programme or our video service, we will help to develop your dancing to its full potential! In fact, whether we bring our training to you, or you visit one of our centres, you are guaranteed success, so contact us today to talk through your options.

Examinations and Courses

Sunday 30th June at the Maria Stavrou Dance School, Athens, Greece.

August 2019: Session in Hertfordshire, England. Date to be announced.

Autumn 2019: Functional anatomy course for the Freestyle teacher (UK). Contact us for details.

February 2020: Session in Athens, Greece. Date to be announced.


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