Latin American

The five Latin American dances are as diverse as the cultures and musical influences that are at their roots. The Cuban music of Rumba and Cha Cha Cha, and the Brazilian rhythms of Samba all have some origins in the percussive accents of Africa. The 2/4 military march of the Paso Doble is in complete contrast, and different once again is the easy swing of the Jive, born of the Ragtime music from New Orleans.

Understanding rhythm & movement

Appreciating the relationship between the centre of the body, the legs and feet, and the shoulders and arms, is essential to teaching a rhythmical quality of movement. We help our professionals to build their understanding of where the specific body shaping and actions that are used in the different dances are initiated, and how the chain of movement develops to produce a strong and expressive rhythmic expression and characterisation.

I travelled from India to train with Marion in Latin & Ballroom dancing & I found a goal in life that I had never believed achievable. More than my dance teacher, she was my mentor.

Varsha Chowdhury, Sydney, Australia

Online tutorials

Our interactive online tutorials will provide you with a clear knowledge of the theory to the figures in each of the dances at Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship levels. The alternative methods of dancing each figure are studied, with discussion on the various amalgamations that can be created for each medal test level, giving you varied and interesting classwork for your school. 

Your Options

Our Video Service

Can you imagine life without videos? We don’t think so. With 1 billion people watching videos shared on YouTube, its clear that visual learning communicates across all boundaries. At the same time, it can be difficult to be sure that what you’re watching is accurate. Our library has clips of every figure in each of the five dances and with each one shown clearly in both roles; you can be confident in your learning. So, whether you’re watching to enhance your class teaching or as part of your training for a professional qualification, our video service will support your broader learning programme.

Studio Tuition

Of course, we recognize that not all training can be done on-line. In our studio-based tuition we cover all aspects of technique and performance. Specifically, the development of rhythmic movement and characterization of each of the dances, quality of leg and foot actions, the subtleties of leading and following and also the alternatives and developments to the figures. The best news of all is that we can bring this to your studio door with a personalized course for you! Alternatively, if you are near to one of our training centres, then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Examinations and Courses

Sunday 30th June 2019, at the Maria Stavrou Dance School, Athens, Greece.

August 2019: Session in Hertfordshire, England, date to be announced.

February 2020: Session in Athens, Greece. Date to be announced.


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