Modern Ballroom

Whether danced with a flowing style as in the Waltz and Foxtrot, the Quickstep and also the Viennese Waltz, or with the contrast of stillness and speed as in the Tango, Ballroom dancing is typified by a look of effortless ease. Beautiful as this impression is, it belies the understanding of technique that is essential to produce it. The skill of two partners moving over their own feet, and yet positioned closely enough to each other to produce a light contact, requires that the disciplines of the use of the feet, poise and balance, swing and rotation and rise and fall all become intrinsic.


Professionals training with Dance Expertise, will themselves become both knowledgeable and skilled in the technical principles and kinetics of Ballroom dancing, and able to show and explain these same principles to their own pupils, introducing them within interesting and varied amalgamations of figures.

Watching a couple that you have trained move across the floor with good style and with a well characterised sense of musicality is fulfilling, and sharing in their satisfaction and sense of accomplishment is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching!

"Marion listens to my questions & answers them effectively, breaking down the technique in a way that makes sense. Always approachable & friendly, she has advanced my dancing & inspired my teaching"

Nicola Hughes, teaching professional at Dance-Beat

Online Tutorials

Our interactive online tutorials will provide you with a clear knowledge of the theory to the figures in each of the dances at Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship levels. Alternative timings and alignments are also studied, with discussion on the various amalgamations that can be created for each medal test level, giving you varied and interesting classwork for your school. 


Individual tuition

Our Modern Ballroom training is provided through a blended learning solution, which offers studio training, online interactive tutorials and a video service. Contact us today and we will create a programme designed specifically for you


We teach regularly in Athens, Greece, as well as holding monthly training schedules in England. Please contact us for specific dates. We also travel to deliver training courses to teachers in their own schools, so talk to us and we can arrange a visit to you.

Events & courses

To be announced.

Examination news

June 2019: Session in Athens, Greece, dates to be announced.

August 2019: Session in Hertfordshire, England, dates to be announced.


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