There are several reasons why the huge popularity of Salsa makes it a ‘must’ on your dance school programme. To begin with, you have a great opportunity to offer people a way to get fit, and with improved coordination, balance and posture, together with a better metabolism and calorie loss, it’s a lot more fun than the gym.

Another advantage is that Salsa is the perfect social dance style. The relaxed class format with dancers changing partners encourages everyone to get to know each other and without realizing it, their sense of accomplishment and self-confidence grows. Your class will attract people who want to learn, so that they have the confidence to go to the local salsa club, and the club dancers will be tempted to join your class to polish their dancing. 


The ISTD recognised the style’s popularity and in creating the Associate qualifications, has acknowledged the need for well-trained and well-informed teachers. The Club Dance Faculty enlisted the help of several world-renowned Salsa coaches, and with their help has so far created the Student Teacher and Associate teaching qualifications in the L.A., Cuban and New York styles.

Online Tutorials

The history of Salsa, both the styles and the music is an intricate web of diverse musical rhythms and different countries. Our online tutorials will take you on a historical journey of Salsa, showing you how slavery, political influence and economic migration have shaped it’s history. From the early 1900’s in Havana and the sound of ‘Son’, to New York, where influences from bandleaders such as Don Apazio and Xavier Cugat, and stage and screen stars such Carmen Miranda and Desi Arnaz, popularized the sound and style further.


Individual tuition

Our Salsa training is provided through a blended learning solution, which offers studio training, online interactive tutorials and a video service. Contact us today and we will create a programme designed specifically for you.

Events & courses

ISTD Diploma in Dance Instruction (DDI), unit 2: Promotion of Health and Safety in Dance. Venue: Maria Stavrou School of Dance, Galatsi, Athens, Greece. N.B. This contextual studies course is common to all dance genres.


We teach regularly in Athens, Greece, as well as holding monthly training schedules in England. Please contact us for specific dates. We also frequently travel to deliver training courses to teachers in their own schools, so talk to us and we can arrange a visit to you.

Examination news

December 2016: Session in Hertfordshire, England, dates to be announced.

February 2017: Session in Athens, Greece, dates to be announced.

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